Bulletin No. 78



Happy Homecoming Week!


Think About It Thursday…


The Nobel Prize is one of the world’s most prestigious awards. Nobel Prizes are given in six subject areas: physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, and economics.


Ever wonder how these awards are given? 


Check it out:


Maybe someday, you will be a Nobel Prize winner!!!


The deadline for nominations is approaching...of course, you will have to wait for the invitation to nominate! :)


Do you have a favorite quote? A riddle? Study tip? Fabulous idea?  Please share it with us, and it could be a part of Think About It Thursdays!


  1. Lunch for today: French toast, sausage, potato puzzles, juice

Breakfast for Monday: Oatmeal, toast, fruit

Lunch for Monday: Rib patty w/ bun, baked beans, fruit


  1. Activities for the week:

Today: Pep rally @ 12:50

BB/GB here w/ Oelrichs (Varsity Only) @ 6:00pm

NU Pep band @ 7:00pm
Friday: JHBBB w/ Wall @ 4:00pm

Saturday: BB/GB at Wall @ 2:00pm bus time 12:45


  1. Congratulations to our One-Act Play cast for taking 1st place yesterday at the Regional Competition in Pierre. Superior merit went to Jaden Crowser, Grace Brose, Audra Derr, Avery Heinert, and Caleb Hodo. They will be competing at the 2019 One-Act Play Festival in Aberdeen on Saturday, February 1st. –Mrs. Derr


  1. There will be a rodeo club meeting today after school in the tiger den.


  1. Dress Up Winners are:


Mica M.

Christian G.


Braxton T.

Jocelyn F.


Gabby M.

Bryce T.


Kooper G.

Juli S.


Each winner receives a coupon for a free pop or candy item from the concession stand at one of the homecoming games or events. 


  1. JH/HS Students – when coming into school in the morning, please do not come in through the front door. You need to come in through the big gym & should not be at your lockers until 7:30am. If you are having breakfast, you need to come through the east lunchroom door. Thank you.


  1. 6. Updated sports pictures dates & times -


*JH boys 9am

*HS boys 9am


*Cheer 8:30am

*HS girls 9:30am


  1. Any students interested in trying out for the spring play please visit with Mrs. Derr sometime this week. She will be in her classroom from 12-4.